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Matt Chatterton is an experienced technologist who contributes to the growth of small-business and start-ups. He holds a wide range of technical skills and a passion for improving all aspects of business.

Matt Chatterton
Usability is at the heart of today's tech, so it's essential to have a platform which delivers a seamless transition between devices.

Project Management

Matt is experienced managing projects for small-businesses and startups in “let's get this done yesterday” environments. He believes in productive-expression and a can-do attitude. He also believes that as management and investors pivot to the needs of the company, the development team must be able to pivot as well. When success means hitting a moving target Matt utilizes flash prototyping and strong Agile collaboration. For large, high importance projects, a series of traditional planning stages and prototyping are run.

Web Engineering

Matt uses free and open-source software solutions to deliver fast, inexpensive software development for building dynamic web sites and web portals. This also helps keep the company open to the largest staffing pool and tech-support communities. Intermediate code and database caching servers will ensure performance is second to none. LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) and MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js) stack solutions are interchanged with Nginx, PostgreSQL, HHVM, and other popular solutions. Matt also has experience with strongly-typed languages such as C++ and Java (Android).

Front-end Web Apps

Matt builds responsive, elegant web applications that can scale to millions of users on desktop and mobile devices. Matt prototypes with the client in mind to meet the client's long-term goals, and still meet short-term deadlines. He is typically involved with the entire web stack and optimizes for performance, while taking advantage of the latest and greatest offered by the HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript framework communities. Matt has experience with well-known tech such as jQuery, Bootstrap, SASS, AngularJS, etc., but will also learn proprietary systems on-demand.

IT and Cloud Computing

Performance, reliability, scalability, and cost-savings; the cloud attempts to tackle all of these. More than 60% of business utilize cloud for their operations, and 82% of companies reportedly saved money by moving to the cloud. Matt works with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace deployments utilizing mainstream (and customized) monitoring, growth, and maintenance tools. He is a certified CompTIA IT professional and stays up-to-date from full-time professionals in the field.

Payment Processing

Matt was central in engineering a very sophisticated payment processing platform that has processed hundreds of millions in U.S. currency using credit, debit, and electronic check payments. Matt maintains PCI and ISO compliance, which is especially important considering the industry's news of data breaches and hacks. The proper protection of data is more important than ever, and Matt takes the steps necessary to do so.

APIs and Integration

B2B demands data integration. Matt has a proven track record of working with 3rd-party providers on behalf of his client to achieve the most effective and stable integration possible, whether it has to do with advertising, analytics, email, content management systems, data licensing, server integration, payment processing, etc. Matt can also assist with the development of your own API utilizing load balanced, low-latency responses, and RESTful authentication (OAuth 2.0, keyed-HMAC, etc.) responding with JSON or XML.


Education Technology

  • Develop integrated learning management consoles (LMS) behind subscription paywall.
  • Migrate online educational tools to mobile app platform such as Apple iOS and Android.
  • Apply student learning algorithms across multiple years for best adaptive testing.
  • Integration with webcam and tablet video cameras for cross-session video streaming.
  • Created content-grabbing bots and engine for quick attribution of new learning material.
  • Facilitate multiple roles, including student, teacher, grader, course-designer, parent/observer, and administrator.
  • Engineer custom publishing platform for high-traffic content behind distributed network, optimizing for search-engines (SEO).
  • Partner with 3rd party EDU data providers to increase quality of customer lead lists.


  • Engineer complex CPA/CPC/CPM tracking system from the ground up to suit multiple industries while optimizing click-throughs.
  • Facilitate dozens of affiliate campaigns and monitor performance and traffic legitimacy.
  • Designed and implemented CRM platforms to manage large customer lead lists.
  • Rolled-out custom dialer that improves outbound agent dialing efficiency.
  • Built and managed a proprietary code library that powers backend CRMs and maintains high-efficiency for billing portfolios.
  • Support affiliate integration with custom landing page monitoring system which audits acquisitions and controls payouts.
  • Optimize landing page loading times and cloud server distribution for strong resiliency to DDOS attacks.
  • Integration with A/B and Variation suites.


  • Designed and developed proprietary multi-point web store engineered to efficiently handle 100 million unique product skus.
  • Integrate with 3rd-party product sourcing and handle syncing for over millions of products.
  • Facilitate variable prices, multiple shipping options, dynamic fulfillment houses, and process end of month commission payouts.
  • Secure transmission and storage of payment data and transaction logs.
  • Create proprietary management tools for multiple operating roles: product manager, accountant, advertiser, affiliate, and warehouse manager.
  • Create customizable and themeable user interfaces and management tool. Allow custom embedded code while protecting from security vulnerabilities such as XSS, etc.
  • Interface as a Facebook app shopping cart.

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Payments Pro

Easy Billing Management

Lead Commerce

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Lander Promote

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Affiliate Tracking and Payout


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In-place feedback rating

iApp ME

App Framework for iPhone®

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Facebook Application Framework

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Academic Notes

Why keep emailing yourself school notes? Just keep them saved in an online notepad.

Client Login

Want to protect some data behind a client login page? Upload anything and it's done.

Resume Builder

HTML/PDF resume builder. Allows for dynamic links and tracking -so you know which companies are interested.

Visitor Monitor

More than a site counter, this dashboard grouped visitors into day and hour.

Attendance Tracker

Import user list and easily tick off for a given event/date.

Job Scheduler

Perform random web tasks on a recurring schedule.